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I'm Pro Energy

I am Pro-Energy.  We need a balanced energy policy conversation that recognizes affordable, reliable, and ever-cleaner energy are essential to human progress.  We can have a lower carbon future.  But we must have cost-effective energy.

I am excited about the future.  We sit at the center of one of the great challenges of all time.  We need to focus on meeting the expectations of our growing world today, while working to help transform the energy systems of tomorrow.  I believe the nation should invest in the innovations and innovators of tomorrow.

Carbon Management

Transitioning our energy systems takes an all-in approach − looking at all forms of energy and working together to commercialize and scale the next generation of lower carbon energy solutions. We should focus on building partnerships and progressing solutions. The challenge before us is complex, but one that I am confident our nation is prepared to help address with the power of human ingenuity and collaboration.


Novel geothermal energy is a key lower carbon power source that can greatly complement other renewable sources to meet growing renewable power demand to accelerate lower carbon solutions and help meet global net zero ambitions.


Hydrogen has a key role in a lower carbon future.  But leadership is required for the nation to build a large-scale hydrogen business.  We must enable faster end-to-end solutions, attracting early mover customers, and setting the foundation for a global ecosystem will be some of the key ingredients to accelerate scaled development of the nascent low carbon intensity hydrogen industry.  All this is required to enable a global hydrogen marketplace.


Nuclear energy is America’s largest source of carbon-free electricity. Reactors operate nonstop to provide reliable and affordable power.

Nuclear is carbon-free: In fact, nuclear generates more than half of our carbon-free power. Nuclear power plants avoid more carbon emissions annually than the emissions produced by more than 100 million passenger vehicles.

Nuclear is reliable: Nuclear plants are the most efficient source of electricity. America’s reactors operate nonstop, 24/7/365. Working with other carbon-free energy sources like wind and solar that may not always be available, nuclear can be the energy grid’s backbone with dependable, always-on power.

Nuclear provides cost-effective energy; it saves you money.  Nuclear saves consumers an average of 6 percent on electricity bills and adds $60 billion to the U.S. GDP.

Nuclear is powerful. And we can manage the relatively small amount radioactive waste.

Oil & Gas

I believe America’s economy and energy sector need more investment, not less. We need our country’s oil and natural gas companies focusing on producing reliable, affordable, and cleaner energy while promoting free markets and free trade as the cornerstone of innovation and investment. We need all forms of cost-effect energy.

Florida First


The Florida economy exhibits strength due to conservative principles that prioritize low taxes, limited regulations, and a business-friendly environment. This approach attracts entrepreneurs and corporations, fostering job creation and economic growth. Florida's pro-growth policies, coupled with its desirable climate and tourism industry, contribute to a robust and resilient economy.


It's important to enforce strict immigration policies in Florida. Doing so ensures national security and safeguards job opportunities for American citizens. By controlling immigration, we protect our resources, preserve cultural cohesion, and prioritize legal pathways to citizenship, upholding the rule of law and the well-being of Floridians.

Gun Rights

In Florida, upholding gun rights and recognizing the importance of the Second Amendment is crucial. It enables citizens to defend themselves, their families, and their property. The Second Amendment preserves individual freedoms, ensures a balance of power between the government and the people, and serves as a fundamental safeguard against tyranny.

Limit Gov't Control

I believe the Republican Party should return to its ideological roots of limited government, free enterprise, and personal liberty and responsibility.  Bureaucracy is naturally inefficient, especially with the Federal government.  When possible, government services should be provided at the local and state level.

Other Issues


America needs strong leadership to navigate complex challenges, inspire unity, and foster progress. Strong leaders provide direction, make tough decisions, and prioritize the well-being of the nation. They promote stability, instill confidence, and effectively tackle issues, ensuring a prosperous future for all Americans.

Secure Borders

Ensuring secure borders is paramount for America's safety and sovereignty. A border wall strengthens immigration control, curbs illegal activities like drug trafficking, and protects American jobs. It preserves national identity, upholds the rule of law, and promotes lawful immigration, maintaining a balanced and orderly system for the benefit of all Americans.

Autism Awareness

I am the father of an autistic child.  My son is now in college.  There have been many challenges as he has grown up, though his accomplishments have been even more amazing because of it.  I am not an expert in autism, I just know my child.  I have been fortunate to be able to tailor his education to meet his needs.  But many families are not as fortunate.

America is compassionate.  As a nation, we should encourage everyone to work to their fullest potential.  I am a proponent of school choice, an advocate for individuals to achieve their fullest potential.  When there is competition, better performance results.  A one-size fits all education system is not the answer.  Local initiatives to provide better education alternatives will be more effective.

The Energy To Lead

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About John

Experience energy expert, combat veteran, and devoted father.

I'm honored to be running to represent our district in Congress. I served two combat tours during the Global War on Terror, for which I was awarded the Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster as well as the Combat Action Badge. People often ask me why I volunteered to serve in Iraq and, later, in Afghanistan, and I think at the end of the day, it comes down to simply feeling that I could help. I feel that way now as I turn my attention to attention to this Congressional campaign: I think on can help. Not only my neighbors in the 11th District, but our beloved country as we navigate these difficult times.

As an energy industry expert for 20 years, I know firsthand how Biden's choices are harming our country and costing jobs. I'm committed to ensuring that we remain energy independent and create good-paying jobs for our communities.

As Christian, conservative, pro-life father and family man, I understand the importance of building a better future for our children. I'll work tirelessly to support small businesses and entrepreneurs in our community and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

My experience in the energy industry and my dedication to our community make me the best fit to fight for America and our district in Florida. Together, we can build a brighter, more prosperous future for all. I humbly ask for your support and your vote, and I promise to work every day to ensure that our district and our country thrive.

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Use of John McCloy’s military rank, job titles and photographs in uniform do not imply endorsement from the Department of Army.